Tips for presenting your home

Preparing your lifestyle property well will achieve a better price and often times a faster sale too.

Here’s a few key tips – for a more comprehensive assessment of what will make your property really sparkle, drop me a line, or better still I can come to your place. Let’s chat.

Rules of Thumb

1. Clean and clutter free.  In short, start packing now and de-clutter the place. It will give a better impression of the size and space of the place

2. If it’s broken, fix it! Leaky taps, cracked windows, missing or loose handles, loose wallpaper, gates of their hinges, potholes …yes you might be quite happy living with these, but we are now wanting to get maximum “like” from the buyers.

3. First impressions count: This starts with the Driveway – keep free of debris, overhanging trees pruned, edges trimmed, potholes filled/new pea metal laid. Water blast concrete to remove mildew and stains.

The Front Entry of the house, even if it’s small, can make a great impression. Consider a mirror for a small space- it creates an illusion of space and draws extra light in.


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