Should you build or buy existing?

With a shortage of lifestyle property on the market, the competition for existing properties is quite strong. Have you considered building instead?

The price gap between an existing lifestyle property with an established house and a new build may not be as much as you think.

A new house today comes with many new technologies and benefits that are unlikely to be found in an existing 10-20 year old home.

Double glazing, superior insulation, LED lighting, off-grid energy options and a higher earthquake protection rating just to name a few. Then there’s also the opportunity to get the design and layout to suit your needs.

And there’s nothing quite like that lovely new home smell and feel!

Do you want to spend your weekends maintaining an older home or relax and spend your spare time doing the things you most love to do.

At Rural and Lifestyle Sales we have a selection of lifestyle sections and bareland farms in need of a new home. See some via the links below:

1228 Camerons Line – 5 to choose from

Mangakawa Rd, Cambridge, 1 acre

Tennent Drive, Linton – 106ha of productive farmland close to the city


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Robert has been involved in the rural sector his whole working life and in real estate since 2006. He has experience as a Dairy Farm Consultant and was the lower North Island Regional Manager (Shareholder Services) at Fonterra Co-operative Group from 2000 through to 2006. He holds a Bachelor of Agricultural Science degree from Massey University. He has a wide network of contacts across rural industry and enjoys professionally marketing rural and lifestyle properties. Robert together with Richard Anderson formed Rural and Lifestyle in 2012