Quick Response = QR codes

Quick Response codes, or QR codes, are used on all our signs and you will also see them on most of the media adverts we produce. These little blotchy squares can look a bit of a puzzle – and in fact that is what they are. They were invented over a decade ago but it’s really only in the last few years with the sweeping use of Smartphones that they are getting more day to day use. So how do they work?

The QR code is pretty much a descendant of the supermarket barcode but store a lot more information than a barcode does. The QR code we use provides a direct link to the listing details of a property on our website – saving you having to look up the web and then find what you want across a site. The beauty is you don’t need a barcode scanner to ‘read’ the code – all you need is a Smartphone as the QR code is captured as an image by the camera and scans the code, taking you straight to the internet site the code refers to. If you can’t figure this out, give your phone to a teenager and they’ll have it sorted in minutes!