Quad Bike passengers – it’s common sense

Work Safe NZ have recently clarified their position on the carrying of passengers on Quad Bikes. Where a more suitable vehicle is available it should be used, but it is accepted there are times where a viable alternative to taking a passenger on a quad bike is not available.

What is WorkSafe’s approach to carrying a passenger on a quad bike? quad bike passengers

As a rule, passengers should not be taken on quad bikes, but exceptions may be necessary where there is no reasonable alternative. If you are going to carry a passenger on a quad bike, you need to complete a risk assessment considering:

* the terrain

* the capability of the rider and passenger

* any other relevant farm-specific factors.

If you decide to take a passenger on a quad bike after completing the risk assessment, you need to control the risks you’ve identified.

Controlling risks to both you and your passenger must include:

  • wearing approved bike helmets
  • ensuring that speed is appropriate to the conditions and does not exceed 20 km/h. In short, slow down with passengers
  • identifying the areas of your farm that are never suitable for carrying a passenger on a quad bike safely, and making sure that your workers know about them
  • carrying your passenger on the side of the rear load carrier facing forward with their legs within the frame of the bike
  • using the weight of your passenger to suit the terrain (ie placed on uphill side when traversing an incline)
  • briefing your passenger about their responsibilities and telling them to listen carefully to your instructions
  • checking that your passenger is able to able to ride physically unsupported and can react promptly to your instructions.



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