It’s a race to $10

Lamb, beef and dairy prices are all approaching all time highs. It seems one or more of these could hit $10/kg before too long. Who will get there first?

Current Leader board looks like:

  1. Lamb $9.00
  2. Dairy  $7.50
  3. Beef  $6.20  (295-320 kg CC)


While Beef prices are trailing in third spot, they could be the dark horse of the race.  US spot prices indicate there could be a $2-3/kg or more gap between what NZ farmers are currently being paid.  As exporters start to compete it could be a very good time to be a beef farmer!

Dairy farmers are still public enemy No.1. Seemingly blamed for everything wrong with the planet. Maybe it’s time to cease taking much notice of the nay-sayers and noisy minorities and remember dairy is responsible for producing high-quality foods for the worlds growing population.  Dairy Futures prices for Sept-2020 are selling at around $8.10. The European powder mountain is gone. China bought more than 40% of the lastest GDT auction. There looks like good room for upside.

Lamb continues to enjoy the gains on the back of the swine fever induced decline in pork availability. How long wil that last? Will the Chinese consumers retain their “taste” for Lamb once pork recovers?


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