Dairy Runoff: Do I need a Land Use Consent

Within the Manawatu Whanganui Region the One Plan requires some farming activities to have a Land Use Consent for intensive farming operations. How does this affect dairy farmers considering purchasing a property to use as a dairy runoff?

See the One Plan Consent Landuse-Flowchart

In summary from the Flowchart:

1. No Land Use consent is needed for a property grazing dairy replacements and/or used for supplements

2. Where dry cows or carryovers are grazed, and the home farm is within a Priority Catchment,  a Land Use consent will be needed and/or your existing Consent varied

3. No Land Use consent is needed if the home farm is not in a Priority Catchment. e.g much of the lower Manawatu east of SH1

4. No Land Use consent is required for Third party grazing arrangements e.g you do not need a consent to winter your cows on someone elses drystock farm



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