The best time to sell a farm is…

If you ask many people they will probably say Spring is best. The farm looks green, lambs and calves add to a pleasant feel. Gives the buyers a warm and fuzzy feeling perhaps? My own experience is farms can sell any time of the year. I’ve sold dairy farms 2 weeks before calving or even at Christmas time. Even sold farms just after a flood has been through. Invariably if I show someone a property in the Spring, they ask “how dry does it get in the summer?”. And if we take them somewhere in the summer, “how wet does it get in the winter?” So buying a farm isn’t based on how it looks in one season, people justifiably need to understand the overall climate and seasonal variations they can expect.

I had a look at Manawatu farms sales (land area greater than 20 hectares) over the past few years as reported through REINZ. One of the report fields is “Agreement Date” i.e. the date that the parties agreed to the sale, regardless of when settlement may occur. The table here shows the outcome – in short, farms can and do sell all year round though 60% of sales are in Summer and Autumn (December to May)

agreement date graph 2013_2015v2

 OUR ADVICE:  the best time to sell a farm is the best time that suits you


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