Thank you country style

Had a meeting with a rural client this week to talk about future plans for the family owned business and where we may be able to assist. Followng the meeting they showed their appreciation with a little gift – now some residential agents get bottles of wine or possibly flowers as a thankyou. Our gift was however more agricultural in flavour,..

….A couple of  saIMAG1942cks of dried cow manure.  And the vege garden will certainly be all the better for it. In fact I’m thinking of digging some of May’s flower beds up this weekend and planting more veges just to watch them grow with this “gold dust”!


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Robert has been involved in the rural sector his whole working life. This includes as a Farm Consultant, specialising in dairy and a Regional Manager for Fonterra Co-operative Group from 2000 through to 2006 and has been in real estate since then. He holds a Bachelor of Agricultural Science degree from Massey University. With a wide network of contacts across rural industry, he is well positioned to professionally profile rural properties.