Properties DO SELL in the Winter

We don’t get to take an extended break over the winter period – there is simply too much real estate to be done over these colder, wetter months. Properties of all description can and do sell between June and August.

We’ve sold dairy farms two weeks before calving, hill country farms in the middle of a winter storm, and lifestyle units regularly change hands throughout the winter. The graph below shows the breakdown of sales by season and while winter does make up the smallest chunk of that, it is still around 20% of sales – so not that much different to Spring.

This Winter at Rural and Lifestyle seems to be particularly active. One positive feature in favour of sellers is that with generally less property on the market, there can be quite active competition among buyers who are less distracted by a multitude of other listings. And for buyers, it is easier to assess winter wetness and pasture growth patterns. How often have you looked at a property and asked “how wet does it get in the winter?”


agreement date graph 2013_2015v2


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