Hows your Lifestyle Going?

lambMore and more New Zealanders are choosing to make their home in a relaxed rural spot.  While for many it is simply all about having more space, rather than livestock farming, for others it is chance to live off the land.  The wonderful thing about New Zealand is that a country lifestyle can often be found within 10-15 minutes of the CBD of most towns. To help make an informed decision easier we have a Lifestyle Buyers Guide on the “buyers” section of this website with a checklist to help make your decision easier. What is your lifestyle block dream?

  • Do you want to have more space for yourself and your family, or
  • Do you want to live self sufficiently  from your property with your own livestock and crops?

The answer to this will determine the amount of land you require. To be fully self-sufficient you are probably going to require 5-6 hectares or more and a good supply of water. Will you still be working full time, or part time? How much time do want to spend travelling? As a rule of thumb, the further you are prepared to  go from  town, the more property you can buy for your dollar. What about the kids? Kids will love the freedom of country living. How much are you prepared to spend?

Once you have decided that you do wish to purchase your own property, it is time to start looking!
Happy lifestyle hunting. Call us soon.


About Robert Dabb

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Robert has been involved in the rural sector his whole working life. This includes as a Farm Consultant, specialising in dairy and a Regional Manager for Fonterra Co-operative Group from 2000 through to 2006 and has been in real estate since then. He holds a Bachelor of Agricultural Science degree from Massey University. With a wide network of contacts across rural industry, he is well positioned to professionally profile rural properties.