Hill Country, bike helmets and Horizons

Richard and I recently attended the Manawatu field day on Justin and Mary Vennells farm, winners of this years Ballance Environmental award for hill country, situated near Rewa in the northern Manawatu. A great day out with some good learning on how they have been improving the farms bottom line with hill country cropping (spray and oversow). Justin noted how it was allowing them to carry lambs for longer rather than being purely reliant on the store market, yet not compromise flushing  the ewes leading into tupping.

We also had a useful address by a Horizons representative on consents required for some farm improvement activities – these consents are free and more or less signed off by the field officer when they come out, at the same time providing good advice on minimising erosion and soil loss.  They didn’t sound to be quite the scary monster the rumour machine portrays at times. And with bike safety being in the headlines lately, it was pleasing to note the other day that the majority of attendees were wearing helmets. Accidents can happen.  and they happen when we don’t expect. Helmets may feel uncomfortable initially, but if they reduce the degree of injury and time of work if/when an accident does happen, guess we can put up with that discomfort. Personally I had always been a bit scathing of having to wear a bike helmet when cycling, but that ended when I came off on some loose gravel one day, and while barely moving at the time, I hit the ground like a ton of bricks with no time to brace myself and literally bounced on my head. The helmet did its job admirably, though I still cracked a couple of ribs on the bar.IMAG1418IMAG0874



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