Dairy Payouts Graphed

We have just updated our chart that graphs dairy payout since 1999 through to this seasons forecast.

To be able to compare payouts across the years we have added milk price and share dividend together – as it is only quite recently that these were unbundled.  While the current milk price forecast from Fonterra is $7.00, we have opted to keep payout forecast at the same number (whereas 10-20 cents share dividend would normally be added in). Fonterra is likely to revise their 2014/15 forecast next week. Hopefully the declines over the past few months are temporary and world prices will stabilise/improve.

if you look at the pattern of payouts in the last ten years or so, a high payout year has been followed by 1-2 seasons lower, then things bounce back at or above the previous peak. We like the track that the Three Year Rolling Average curve shows. Most businesses would be very happy with that sort of growth curve. Are you happy?

21 August: Yikes, this Graph is only a month old and already out of date… think I’ll wait another month before updating, see it we get a positive swing the day after the Election!

Payout graph 2014_15


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