$11 per kilogram is here

Dairy farmers may be feeling a bit dull but deer farmers are smiling big time. Latest schedule is $11/kg. Now wouldn’t that price point excite the dairy industry? The good feed conversion efficiency by deer to venison should realistically be seeing a flood of ‘conversions’. But they are a different animal to farm and not […]

It’s become harder for overseas buyers of residential or lifestyle property

From 22 October 2018 every purchaser of residential or lifestyle property-  with or without a house – will be required to complete a Residential Land Statement advising whether they need Overseas Investment Office (OIO) approval to buy the land. The purchasers lawyer will usually be the one to file this Statement prior to settlement. However […]

NZ Farm Price Trends

REINZ have recently updated their farm price index and dairy farm price index as graphed below. It shows the overall FPI steadily rising since 1996. Dairy farm prices, after a big surge in 207-2009, declined significantly on the back of the GF crisis. A brief flurry in 2015, and a slight decline in the last […]

Buying a bare lifestyle section?

Buying a bare lifestyle section can be an affordable entry point for first-time lifestyle block owners. However, buying that slice of rural paradise isn’t the same as a property in town. Here are a few tips to help you spot the differences and guide you along the way: 1. Land covenants and planning issues Some […]

One Plan update and Nitrogen leaching

I attended an update by Horizons earlier this week about Proposed Plan 2 of the One Plan, and specifically a technical update to the vexed One Plan Table 14.2 which set out the cumulative nitrogen leaching maximums for the various Land Use Classes. One Plan N-leaching limits were calculated using Overseer 2007. Since that date […]

Demand for Lifestyle property is strong

Interest in lifestyle property and small farms in the Lower North Island over the Winter period remains high and the shortage of listings has been working to the favour of sellers. Palmerston North house prices have recently hit a new average high of $390,000 and as this is where many lifestyle buyers are coming from, […]

Dairy Farm in Waikato just listed

David and Steve from our Tirau branch are pleased to introduce this Waikato dairy farm to you. This prime dairy farm is situated in the Wharepuhunga/Korakonui District 28km from Te Awamutu 255 hectares total with 200ha dairy platform and 55 hectares dairy support 500 cows milked through a 36-aside herringbone dairy with in-shed meal feeding The […]

What is your farm or lifestyle property worth?

Curious about what your lifestyle property or farm maybe worth in the currently strong market? Contact one of our experienced Rural and Lifestyle Sales team members today for a detailed, no-obligation consultation We sell Lifestyle properties and Farms everywhere (8)

Yes, Winter can be a great time to sell!

Lifestyle properties are in short supply, and while winter months can be harder to prepare a place for sale,  there are plenty of buyers waiting for the next property to become available. If you have been thinking of selling your lifestyle property, now can be a great time to gain maximum attention from a strong pool of […]

Dairy Runoff: Do I need a Land Use Consent

Within the Manawatu Whanganui Region the One Plan requires some farming activities to have a Land Use Consent for intensive farming operations. How does this affect dairy farmers considering purchasing a property to use as a dairy runoff? See the One Plan Consent Landuse-Flowchart In summary from the Flowchart: 1. No Land Use consent is needed […]

Latest on Dairy Payout… a 7 on its way!

On 23 May 2018 the Fonterra Board increased the 2017/18 season forecast Farmgate Milk Price by 20 cents to $6.75 per kgMS, bringing the total forecast cash payout to $6.90-$6.95 per kgMS – the third highest payout in the decade. The Co-op also announced a 2018/19 opening season forecast Farmgate Milk Price of $7.00 per […]

Bilbar Lodge SOLD today for $1,730,000

Bilbar Lodge, an attractive 29.3ha Kairanga silt loam farmlet, 16km from Palmerston North, sold at Auction on 3rd May. For a while it looked like it was going to be a one-bidder show, but once Auctioneer David Cotton announced the property exceeded the Reserve price and was going to be sold, a new bidder made […]

Tips for presenting your home

Preparing your lifestyle property well will achieve a better price and often times a faster sale too. Here’s a few key tips – for a more comprehensive assessment of what will make your property really sparkle, drop me a line, or better still I can come to your place. Let’s chat. Rules of Thumb 1. […]

Print media vs Internet advertising

 Vendors are often asked to consider investing in  a print media campaign alongside other ways of promoting such as the roadside sign and the internet. It’s not a cheap exercise – compared to some internet options – so why persist with print media? Here’s a few thoughts to ponder. Some forms of the print media […]

Elbow grease in short supply

We have recently listed a couple of lifestyle properties that can best be described do-uppers. They are ready for a bit of paint, paper, imagination and flair to restore them to properties to be proud of. It’s a perhaps an ironic observation, but with the advent of the very popular TV programs showing people renovating […]

Learn the Lifestyle

Are you new to a lifestyle block or at the stage of looking to move to one? If it’s larger than a few acres then you will need to know more than just how to drive the ride-on lawn mower. Massey University Farm Services are running a Lifestyle Seminar on 1st March in Palmerston North […]

If you’re not a farmer why should you care about farmers?

The last few weeks has seen an Us vs Them scenario play out in the media between urban dwellers and the rural community. From what we read you would think farmers have never cared about rivers, environment or the wider community…no detailed reporting on the huge investments made, voluntarily, of fencing off waterways, planting thousands […]

Greenhouse gases and dairying – what I learned today

I attended  the GHG 101 Roadshow by DairyNZ and AgResearch this week and came away much more informed – and less alarmed – about the impacts for dairying, given  NZ has signed up to a target of reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by 30% below the 2005 levels by 2030. Regardless of what camp you […]

Is it decision time?

There comes a time for everyone on the land to ask themselves this question  “Is it time to Sell?” You may be asking yourself what’s my property worth these days? Changes within the family or employees may mean it’s opportune to consider a change Waiting for the kids to show an interest in the farm…maybe […]

Meth contaminated properties – new standards agreed

On: 29 June 2017 Standards New Zealand has today released NZS 8510:2017 Testing and decontamination of methamphetamine contaminated properties, which will provide industry guidance on good practice methods in the testing and clean-up of methamphetamine contamination in houses. “Standards New Zealand is pleased to release this highly anticipated standard that will address public concern on […]

Nothing ever sells in the Winter – Yeah Right!

Another busy week with FOUR Rural and Lifestyle sales this week and a couple more under contract. Bareland lots have been particularly well sought after.  Greens Rd, Turitea: 15.84 hectare block of 25 year pine trees, marketed and SOLD by Gordy Lot 3 Oranga Lane, Feilding: a premier 3559m2 section, fully serviced, marketed and SOLD […]

Quad Bike passengers – it’s common sense

Work Safe NZ have recently clarified their position on the carrying of passengers on Quad Bikes. Where a more suitable vehicle is available it should be used, but it is accepted there are times where a viable alternative to taking a passenger on a quad bike is not available. What is WorkSafe’s approach to carrying […]

Listing your Farm or Lifestyle Property: PART II

The idea to sell your property is a big decision and sometimes it can take you months of emotional thinking and talking with friends and advisors before you take the next step and list your property. Through the listing process you will be shown and asked to sign an In-house complaints and disputes procedure. This provides […]

Listing your Farm or Lifestyle Property: PART I

The idea to sell your property is a big decision and sometimes it can take you months of emotional thinking and talking with friends and advisors before you take the next step and list your property. Engaging a Real Estate professional is the next decision. You may already have a sales person in mind, or […]

Manawatu offers best value dairying

A recent report from Quotable Value compared the ratio of dairy farm sales to payout for 2015. Based on a Payout of $4.93/kg milksolids, Manawatu showed out as one of the better value places to be milking cows. Taranaki was a multiple of 12.8 times payout National average was 6.5 Manawatu at an average production […]

AUCTION $3,710,000…SOLD!

We are delighted to report the Auction of a 145 hectare farm at 332 Wilsons Rd, Ohakea SOLD under the hammer today (3rd August) for $3,710,000. There was large crowd of potential buyers in the Auction room, despite a gloomy  day outside this result shows there is an excellent level of confidence among the Manawatu […]

What’s my lifestyle property worth?

Manawatu/Wanganui people are seeking a country lifestyle in ever increasing numbers. Since January this year, the number of lifestyle properties sold  month on month relative to the previous three years has been shown a steady increase. The charts here REINZ lifestyle June 2016 sales report  displays data from REINZ reported sales across four years with […]

Dairying by The Numbers

Did you know there are 220,020 dairy cows in the Manawatu region? (Takes in Wanganui –  Rangitikei – Tararua – Manawatu – Horowhenua) 1642   on-farm employees 555     dairy farms 396     cows per farm 395     kg milksolids produced per cow 144      hectares per farm 87      million […]

Dairy Production: 10% response to payout

Lower North Island milk production to date is running close to 10% down on the previous season. While part of this could be attributed to climate, the majority is likely to be the on-farm response to low milk prices. In my opinion this is an entirely sensible response – why produce more milk below cost […]

What happens to farm value when you drop stocking rate?

Some are worried that by producing less milk will devalue the farm. Our experience says no. Farm value is driven by its location, soil types, pasture performance and physical improvements. Sure your production is a part reflection of these. But it also reflects different management styles. When it comes to selling a farm, we are […]

Its going to be Fine!

Whew. The weather forecast for the next week looks a lot better than what we have just had. Less rain. Less hail. The screenshot below is from the website www.yr.no It is a Norwegian based weather site, but with wind farm interests in NZ, they do seem more accurate most times than locally bred stuff. (707)

Properties DO SELL in the Winter

We don’t get to take an extended break over the winter period – there is simply too much real estate to be done over these colder, wetter months. Properties of all description can and do sell between June and August. We’ve sold dairy farms two weeks before calving, hill country farms in the middle of […]

Perks of working/living in the country…

…fresh from the paddocks out near Sanson. A few days of warmth after the cold snap last week has seen mushrooms flourishing. Yum. (863)

Hows your Lifestyle Going?

More and more New Zealanders are choosing to make their home in a relaxed rural spot.  While for many it is simply all about having more space, rather than livestock farming, for others it is chance to live off the land.  The wonderful thing about New Zealand is that a country lifestyle can often be […]

The best time to sell a farm is…

If you ask many people they will probably say Spring is best. The farm looks green, lambs and calves add to a pleasant feel. Gives the buyers a warm and fuzzy feeling perhaps? My own experience is farms can sell any time of the year. I’ve sold dairy farms 2 weeks before calving or even […]