After Winter there will be Spring

Richard and I were out appraising a new farm this morning – 22 July – and while we went prepared with an extra layer of clothing, we could have done with an electric blanket too! We left Feilding at  a balmy 4 degrees and arrived at our destination welcomed by 1 degree on the gauge and a few flurries of snow in the air.  We weren’t there to take photos, simply to get a feel of the place and provide some advice should the retiring owners decide to put it up for sale.

Yes, it was a bit chilly out and not showing it’s “best side”. But every locality has its best and worst features.  The chill factor today reminded me of a line from one of my favourite movies  “Being There” where a supposedly simple minded gardener played by Peter Sellers says to the President of the United States these profound words: “After winter there will be Spring”.   In other words, don’t look back, look forwards. Be positive.

If you are a Northland farmer, I daresay Spring can’t come quick enough.  We are looking forward to Spring.


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Robert has been involved in the rural sector his whole working life. This includes as a Farm Consultant, specialising in dairy and a Regional Manager for Fonterra Co-operative Group from 2000 through to 2006 and has been in real estate since then. He holds a Bachelor of Agricultural Science degree from Massey University. With a wide network of contacts across rural industry, he is well positioned to professionally profile rural properties.